Digby reacts to Supreme’s inconsistency

In responding to a U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring that “good people” can’t buy guns for other “good people,” Digby writes:

I think this court has some splainin’ to do to the NRA and the ghosts of the Founding Fathers. If the 2nd Amendment is a guarantee of your unfettered right to bear arms in the same way the 1st Amendment is a guarantee of a corporation’s right to spend money then this doesn’t follow does it? If making gun buyers buy their own guns isn’t an infringement of their God-given liberty, I don’t know what is. The constitution clearly meant for guns to be traded and passed around like trading cards. And I think it’s in the Bible too.

Of course, the ruling was 5-4 with the commie-lib Hitler loving gun grabbers (plus Kennedy) in the majority so it really doesn’t count. Nothing a few more wingnuts on the court can’t fix.

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