As much as I love and devour baseball, I must say that there is no greater show on earth than the NBA finals. The two best teams comprised of the world’s best players duke it out to determine who will sit atop the heap.

This year’s championship series emphasized the collective over the individual. Here, system prevailed over stardom.

Basketball should be the ultimate team sport, requiring the careful coordination of five players to score at one end of the court and prevent baskets at the other. The San Antonio Spurs are all about “the system,” eschewing the inflated-ego syndrome of their opponents, the Miami Heat, who boasted “the best player on the planet.” He was good, per usual. But LeBron James’s statistical success exposed his colleagues’ fundamental weakness: they don’t know how to play together.

I’d like to believe that life could imitate sports, that cooperation would trump individual competition. But that wouldn’t be very American, would it?

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