Constipated blogging

An oxymoron, probably, since blogging is all about saying something often. But there are times, becoming all too frequent, when the thought of dumping more words into the digital universe deters. What more can be said about the stupid, inane things we humans do?

My last post, which was a while ago, spoke to “amor fati,” or love fate. Pause a moment to think about this. If we reach the determination that shit happens because of forces too large to counteract, then we may consider ourselves truly free in a psychological sense.

Of course, one should avoid the conceit that one’s blog has any impact whatsoever. That, too, is liberating. If my words have no effect, then write for an infinite number of reasons, including the desire to see letters appear on the screen as you push buttons. Cool.

I am reminded by stuff lodged inside my noggin that the stars do occasionally align in our favor. Things get so bad that people take to the streets to shake up the status quo. But “popular movements” seem to be the stuff of history and unlikely to recur, primarily because not enough of us can find agreement on anything. There are so many causes and organizations and factions and media that all is quite noisy these days. So noisy that we’ve completely lost the signal. (My blog, like most others, simply adds to the digital deluge.)

Here’s a note to myself. Blog to keep busy or to improve your understanding of this or that topic. But don’t for a moment believe that you’re making shit disappear. The gods are very busy.

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