A GOP majority

Charles Blow tells us that Republicans have at least an even chance of reclaiming the Senate while boosting their hold on the House. Should the GOP prevail this November, all but the White House will be in their hands.

In the event, we may justifiably cringe at the prospects for the Rest of Us. Thus far blocked by the Democratic majority in the upper chamber, Republicans are certain to push forward their spiteful, mean-spirited agenda, with only a presidential veto standing in the way of ideological hegemony.

The House has established quite a policy agenda, from ever lower taxes and regulations, to undermining climate science and denying social safety nets for the poor and near-poor—about half the population. A Republican-dominated Senate can be expected to say, “Me, too,” to all this and much, much more. So long to the vestiges of the New Deal and Great Society.

The results will be as predictable as they will be stark. The rich will get even richer, of course. They always do. Those who are still unable to find work will be forever denied unemployment benefits. After all, they remove incentives to find an increasingly elusive job. Fossil fuel use should soar, with restrictions relaxed or repealed altogether. If Republicans have their way, women will be expected to return to the 50s, completely stripped of already diminishing safeguards. People of color will discover that voting is by no means a right but a rare occurrence, something to be thwarted at every turn.

They will overreach. It is their nature, these Republicans. Eventually enough people will get angry and resort to democracy. In the meanwhile, all gets ugly.

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