I’m sure that this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind

From Thomas Edsall’s New York Times column:

Crossroads raised the money for its 2012 tax-exempt activities from 291 unnamed men and women who wrote checks for a total of $179.7 million, an average contribution of $617,525 – nearly 12 times the 2012 median household income in the United States of $53,046, and 22 times the 2012 per capita income of $28,051.

The financial resources of the anonymous donors to Crossroads are striking, according to the organization’s 990 filing. Among the donors were 53 who contributed at least $1 million. Even more generously, one donor gave $22.5 million, another gave $18 million, and two gave $10 million each.

That’s Karl Rove’s group, by the way.

As you read Edsall’s piece, you will encounter manifestations of notorious motifs, including “all’s fair in love and war” and “the ends justify the means.” Rove and others of his ick—er…ilk—dance around the law like looney clowns at court.

Pause a bit on the above numbers, then ask yourself how you can matter in today’s political arena. Oh, and neither Rove nor his donors give a rat’s ass about your situation, however dire.

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