Your crazy neighbor

Timothy Egan, writing for the New York Times:

There is one more deep-held red state belief that could explain our national cognitive dissonance. Two-thirds of Republicans think people can be possessed by demons. We don’t need a new Congress. We need an exorcist.

America has always been the land of the loons, going back to the original Puritans who thought it helpful to burn women at the stake, because they were possessed by the devil himself. It would seem that we haven’t gotten very far in our understanding of what is real and what is fanciful, which may help explain our off-the-charts religiosity. Give me God, surely, but throw in Satan as well.

Egan is decrying the probable capture of the U.S. Senate by Republicans, the stupid party, as one of its standard bearers opined. That such an absurdity will befall the body politic this November allows us to drop the fiction that ours is a nation of reasonable minds. We tossed out the books generations ago, clinging only to the Bible and hagiographies of the truly inane, beginning with Ronald Reagan, of whom the loons cannot possibly get enough.

I gave up long ago trying to figure this out, why “my fellow Americans” took a collective dive into the intellectual void, believing that idiocy would somehow save them. Idiots deserve to be ruled by their own. The big problem, of course, is that they rule us all.

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