All killings are senseless

Some perspective on the dozen dead French journalists/cartoonists from ginandtacos.

It’s not that I’m not saddened and angered by what happened in France. It’s that I resent the implication in the media coverage that I’m supposed to be more upset or this is somehow a bigger tragedy because Free Speech and Muslims. If someone walked into a Walmart in the middle of nowhere and shot 12 people today, would the right wingers be at a boil right now? Twelve deaths by gunfire are excused away when they occur in the context of domestic politics, yet if some Muslims who just returned from Syria are the killers everyone is whipped into a frenzy. That, to me, makes no sense whatsoever.

Mass shootings are so common that someone who pays attention to the news only casually will miss most of them these days. This one will be a Big Story, though. That’s what bothers me. Lots of people are getting shot and killed for no good reason. Either we care or we don’t. It makes no sense to care a lot about some and barely notice others.