Saint Romero

That has a nice tone to it. After years of delay, Pope Francis is expected to name murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero a saint next year. It’s about time.

Charles Pierce, writing for online Esquire, provides some background.

This is more than a vindication for Romero. It is a vindication for the entire roiling, revolutionary Christianity that sprung up all over the Western-sponsored oligarchies in Central and South America, including liberation theology, with which Papa Francesco has more than a passing acquaintance and in which he has evinced more than a passing interest. Moreover, it is an overdue kick to the nuts directed at all those cafeteria Catholics who signed on to the criminal savagery that the Reagan Administration subcontracted in that same region. Romero was killed primarily on the orders of Roberto D’Aubuisson, a real prize of a war criminal.

Republicans may sanctify Reagan, but they’ll have to journey to hell to locate him. They know the way.