Apple software shortcomings

Judging by the blogosphere, Apple’s software quality appears to be slipping (e.g., here). I can attest. I’m especially annoyed with the latest iTunes, of which Glenn Fleishman writes:

…has been a dog’s lunch of unrelated features crammed into the same sack for years; iTunes 12 is the worst release yet, rearranging where we find things without actually improving the experience. My wife was nearly red with anger recently trying to perform a task in iTunes she’s done for years.

The increasing glitches and problems seem to coincide with the jettisoning of long-time Apple software engineer Scott Forstall in favor of Craig Federighi. But that may be only a coincidence, and I am hardly the person to know for certain.

It occurs to me that the one company all retail technology firms should worry most about is Amazon. Frustrated by iTunes’ problems, including the whacky division of tracks into multiple albums, I slipped on over to Amazon to discover its music features. I have yet to encounter Apple’s defects. Moreover, its version of iTunes Match allows for a library of 250,000 songs at the same price Apple charges for a tenth as many.

Come on, Tim. Get cracking.