Hottest year on record

But, by all means, let’s make sure the Keystone pipeline is built, fracking continues apace, and restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions never see the light of day. In case you guessed it, the modern Republican is both willfully ignorant and hypocritical in the extreme. So members of the GOP, in whatever branch of government and at whatever level, happily deliver an increasingly uninhabitable planet while making darn certain that rich people’s offspring receive all of their financial inheritance, suitably in a much warmer future.

For a quick overview of heat, its sources, and its consequences, read the contents of this link from Vox. Here’s a quote:

Climate scientists say they are 95 percent certain that human influence has been the dominant cause of global warming since 1950. They’re about as sure of this as they are that cigarette smoke causes cancer.

I wonder if Senator James Inhofe smokes.