Anxious aged

Thomas Edsall, writing for the New York Times, offers opinions on why American voters tend to resist government redistributive policies. He cites, in particular, older citizens dependent on Social Security and Medicare, who fear cuts to these programs as a consequence of funding the Affordable Care Act, especially. Indeed, as Edsall reports, the Obama Administration has stated that his signature health care initiative will slash nearly $800 billion from Medicare budgets over the next ten years.

But Edall cites other reasons for Americans’ resistance to redistribution. He writes:

A second factor in the declining support for downward redistribution is a shift in the balance of political power at the state and federal levels, away from labor unions and progressive nonprofit interest groups to the corporate sector and politically influential affluent classes.

Money talks, as usual, big money most of all. The corporate takeover of politics, which began in the late 70s, has completely overwhelmed efforts by the Rest of Us to build and sustain a more just and equitable society.