Ignored warming

This morning the papers mentioned that carbon dioxide concentrations had surpassed 400 parts per million. Ho, hum.

The Everett Herald placed the story below a report of yet another oil train derailing then exploding, sending carbon-saturated plumes into the air. The paper also carried an article on arctic oil-drilling rigs “spending time” at Everett’s port for maintenance. Several jobs will be tied to the effort along with additional revenues.

The Seattle Times included the story—on page 6. Its online version’s home page is silent. Likewise, the New York Times digital edition.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released the new CO2 data yesterday. The agency’s lead scientist on carbon emissions noted that 400 ppm represents a “significant milestone.” He added that concentrations had climbed by 120 ppm since the pre-industrial era, and half of that has occurred since 1980.

CO2 concentrations 1959 to 2015

Concentrations are increasing by two to three parts per million per year. By mid-century levels will likely exceed 450 ppm, long considered the point of no return for global warming.

Meanwhile, we drill and burn in willful ignorance.