Why no resistance?

An interesting review of two books pondering the question: Why is there no effective opposition to the status quo, one that benefits a few, impoverishes many, and leaves the Rest of Us struggling?

[Steve] Fraser’s purpose, however, is not to point out how bad things are, which every newspaper reader already knows. It’s to ask how the authors of this catastrophe have gotten away with it—why there is so little organized resistance to plutocracy in the second Gilded Age. Occupy Wall Street was an inspiring outburst but left little institutional residue. Minority-rights and gender-equality struggles have scored great successes, but they have not carried over into opposition to economic inequality and corporate dominance. Why, compared with the tempests of a century ago, are there only scattered bursts of resistance now?

I, for one, have no answer to the question. I scratch my head from time to time.

However, it does occur to me that, despite the problems of inequality and retarded social mobility, a critical mass of the populace is feeling okay about things, enough to supply “the authors of this catastrophe” with all the support they need to carry on.

This is not my grandfather’s society.