Well, that’s just the market talking

CEO compensation continues to rise, as does the gap between the very wealthy and the Rest of Us. No news here.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, executive pay is now 303 times as high as the average worker’s wage, a bit below the peak of 376 registered in the year 2000. Apologists want you to believe that such compensation simply reflects market forces; demand for superior talent outstrips available supply. You don’t buy that?

EPI tracked CEO compensation and stock market prices, using the S&P 500 Index. Here is what the institute found:

CEO and S&P

And this is what the institute said:

The alignment of CEO compensation to the ups and downs of the stock market casts doubt on any explanation of high and rising CEO pay that relies on the rising individual productivity of executives…

So, ladies and gentlemen, why isn’t your pay tied to the stock market rather than “the market”? Could it be that you have no political power to alter the status quo? Could it be that you summarily reject unions and the notion of worker solidarity? Worse, could it be that you actually worship the filthy rich and dream of becoming one of them.

Only in your dreams, I’m afraid.