Hard head, hard heart

Note: I drafted these remarks in February 2014. I never got around to posting them.

Paul Krugman, from this morning’s column:

But evidence has a well-known liberal bias. The more their economic doctrine fails — remember how the Fed’s actions were supposed to produce runaway inflation? — the more fiercely conservatives cling to that doctrine. More than five years after a financial crisis plunged the Western world into what looks increasingly like a quasi-permanent slump, making nonsense of free-market orthodoxy, it’s hard to find a leading Republican who has changed his or her mind on, well, anything.

And this imperviousness to evidence goes along with a stunning lack of compassion.

The conservatives insist on curbing the federal deficit, which is one announced reason they oppose extending benefits to the long-term unemployed, who comprise about 35 percent of those out of work. But here’s a look at the change in the debt-to-GDP ratio from 2007:

change in public debt to GDP from 2007

Keep in mind that Republicans demand fiscal balance at any cost. And the cost should be borne most of all by the Rest of Us.

Hard head, hard heart.

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