Elites and grunts at Amazon

If the privileged who desire to earn lots of money and succeed in their careers face “purposeful Darwinism” at Amazon, those who do the actual work of packing and shipping the millions of boxes a day to you and me suffer mightily.

This Vox piece by Ezra Klein suggests what’s at stake in the workplace, with employees at every level losing to the captains of industry. Those who grunt while they work at Amazon and elsewhere have few, if any, choices. As Klein writes:

The real workplace scandal at Amazon — and in the economy writ large — isn’t the treatment of white-collar workers with plenty of options. It’s the treatment of blue-collar workers with none.

Consumers, of course, have many options (at least, for a while). Costco treats its employees with respect, wages, and benefits. That’s where I’m heading now.