Americans, guns, and apple pie for brains

From Vox:

America is an exceptional country when it comes to guns. It’s one of the few countries in which the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected, and presidential candidates in other nations don’t cook bacon with guns. But America’s relationship with guns is unique in another crucial way: Among developed nations, the US is far and away the most violent — in large part due to the easy access many Americans have to firearms.

Lots of charts and graphs in this piece. Big (unanswered) question: Why the uniqueness? The Vox article does imply, albeit obliquely, that Americans are not a very bright people.

Americans by and large support policies that reduce access to guns. But once these policies are proposed, they’re broadly spun by politicians and pundits into attempts to “take away your guns.” So nothing gets done, and preventable deaths keep occurring.