Money is getting anxious

Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in Iowa. The Guardian suggests a “mirroring” of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party victory earlier today.

“Press 1 for revolution,” urge the hosts of a teleconference call for 17,000 union activists as they seek to sign up more volunteers for a leftwing insurgency.

Pundits scoff at their naivety, but opinion polls show the leader of this revolution – a grouchy socialist with unkempt white hair and a disdain for media niceties – pulling ahead of more-polished establishment rivals in the race to lead his party.

This grizzled veteran is proving a surprise hit on university campuses and social media, blending old-fashioned rallies with an online buzz that compensates for his lack of support from the party machinery.

The monied interests were behind Clinton, as they are behind her husband. But they’re becoming a bit skittish, as Hillary faces increased scrutiny over her emails and she struggles to name her political tune. None of the Republican candidates, Big Money knows, could prevail in a national election. That’s because the country as a whole is not as predisposed to crazy as are the GOP faithful. After all, the electorate went for a black Democrat twice to lead the nation. Yet, if not Hillary, who will do their bidding after Obama leaves the White House?

Joe Biden?