90 a day and still counting

If we multiply the above figure by 365 we get nearly 33,000. That’s the number of Americans shot to death each year, and it makes us Number One in the world. Hooray.

The political science professor who blogs at ginandtacos.com provides a sensible perspective on the gun culture. He concludes:

The more people we arm, the more we are forced implicitly to trust that the people with guns will make just decisions about when and how to use them. Forgive me for saying that absolutely nothing about the American concealed carry gun enthusiast as a class rouses merits faith. Advocates can claim until they’re blue in the face that most of them are sane and rational and Good; whether that is true is irrelevant. Ninety-five percent isn’t good enough in this case, leaving tens of thousands of unstable and untrustworthy knuckleheads out there armed and ready to act out their Rambo fantasies. And in the long term it is not alarmist to ask how a society is supposed to survive when one of the defining powers of the state is privatized.

Again, we champion freedom to and dismiss freedom from. I’d like to be free from the “untrustworthy knuckleheads.” But the clownish majority of the Supreme Court pays me no heed.