Self-reinforcing loops

As inequality increases so do Republican fortunes and, therefore, political power. In turn, Republicans use their power to depress those galvanizing forces and institutions (e.g., education and unions) to further cement their control.

This piece by Lee Drutman in Vox paints a very rosy picture if you’re a conservative American; a very depressing portrait, otherwise. He writes:

… in countries with low spending on education and weak unions [that’s us], mass political information declines. Because those who are less well-off lack information to properly locate their economic interests, politics trends rightward, and inequality increases as a result of further de-investment in education and declining union bargaining power, which further reduces political information. And so on.

He then suggests:

But absent something significant, get ready: American politics is probably going to look like it does right now for a few decades to come.

Count me in the depressed camp.