Again, more shootings

A waitress shot to death in a Mississippi restaurant by a customer upset that he was told by her to put out his cigarette in a non-smoking establishment. Three people shot to death in and around a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic by a shooter who would no doubt claim the mantle of “pro-life.” Obama says “enough is enough,” urging gun control.

Vox weighs in:

But why does the US have so many more gun homicides than other advanced countries? One possible explanation: Americans are much more likely to own guns than most of the world — the US makes up about 4.4 percent of the global population, but owns 42 percent of the world’s civilian-owned guns. And the empirical research shows places with more guns have more homicides.

Criminal justice experts widely recognize this is a result of cultural and policy decisions that have made firearms far more available in America than in most of the world. For the US, that means not just more mass shootings — but more gun violence in general.

Thirty-two thousand gun-related deaths a year. We’re Number One!