Republican hypocrisy

The leading GOP candidate for president vows to round up 11 million “illegal immigrants” then deport them. He would also place those of Islamic faith on a national registry, much as Hitler did with the Jews in Nazi Germany. In so many words, f**k due process and the Constitution.

Now comes the new speaker of the House trying to defend his party’s refusal to ban sales of weapons to those on the FBI terrorist watchlist. From the New York Times:

The House speaker, Paul Ryan, issued his party’s weak defense of arming potential terrorism suspects on Thursday morning: “I think it’s very important to remember people have due process rights in this country, and we can’t have some government official just arbitrarily put them on a list.” Mr. Ryan’s Senate colleagues demonstrated that they are more worried about the possibility that someone might be turned away from a gun shop than shielding the public against violent criminals.

You will detect an emerging theme of recent posts here. I loathe today’s Republican Party, whose members, for the most part, lack both soul and brain.