Negotiating to avoid the kindergartners

The Paris Climate Change Agreement, reached after years of deliberation and political wheeling and dealing, attempts to neutralize Republican obstructionism, the GOP’s current raison d’être. Not that the Republicans won’t stop trying, as The Guardian reports:

Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, led the attack for Republicans.

“The president is making promises he can’t keep, writing checks he can’t cash, and stepping over the middle class to take credit for an ‘agreement’ that is subject to being shredded in 13 months,” McConnell said.

President Obama knew for some time that he needed to craft a deal that would not only lack Republican support but not need it. As The Guardian writes:

…the agreement reached in Paris was constructed with a view to making it safe from Republican attacks – which was one reason negotiations were so difficult.

The US needed a very particular kind of deal – and it required immense political capital to achieve it…

…Campaigners say the sheer fact of the deal – and its support by nearly 200 countries – will force Republicans to recalibrate their opposition to Obama’s climate policy.

“I think Republicans will have to continue to fight over fossil fuels and defend that industry in a more technical way,” said John Coequyt, international climate campaigner for the Sierra Club.

“They will be less able to fight over climate change than they were before and they will retreat in a process fight over defending the coal industry and the oil and gas industry.”

Only in America—literally.