That’s a “black” problem

Gary Guting, who teaches philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, argues that, since a majority of gunshot victims are black, legions of white people fail to muster sufficient passion for controlling gun ownership and usage. He writes:

The case for the racist effect of our permissive gun laws is especially powerful.  There’s no way of explaining away all these deaths as aberrations. If we fail to oppose with equal passion and vigor the relentless political pressure of (mostly white) gun advocates, we force a large number of black citizens to live with the constant threat of gun violence. We’re in effect letting the Second Amendment trump the Fourteenth Amendment, implicitly preferring the right of gun ownership to the right of black people to live free from fear.

Guting suggests that Second-Amendment enthusiasts preach a ludicrous defense of guns as a counter to government tyranny. Americans armed to the teeth offer no match to a nation that spends upwards of a trillion dollars a year on military hardware and services, not to mention city and county government police forces.

The freedom to bear arms should not trump freedom from violence.