Tax or carry?

The New York Times editorializes on two contrasting approaches to guns. Today marks the implementation of the open-carry law in Texas and Seattle’s taxation of guns and ammunition. I shudder to consider the different mentalities that decided each, though the reasonable among us should prefer the Emerald City provision.

In Texas one can now brandish a firearm as if one were in an old Hollywood western. Or like Dirty Harry did.

The challenges to law enforcement may be monumental. Consider this from the editorial:

A woman called 911 in Colorado Springs in October when she saw a man toting a weapon in the street. She was told the gunman had that right under the open-carry law. The man began a shooting spree outside her door and randomly murdered three innocent people.

There should be no more debate about America’s embrace of craziness. We’ve collectively gone off the rails, and I don’t see much hope of sanity making a comeback. For sure, it seems absolutely impossible to negotiate differences, since they are so stark and intractable.

I’ve never had any desire whatsoever to visit the Lone Star state. The new gun law completely eliminates the possibility.