The well-known bias

It’s been said, especially among liberals, that facts have a well-known liberal bias. The same probably applies to knowledge itself, and the keepers of knowledge, the academics among our nation’s colleges and universities, self-identify as left of center; and the trend is increasing.

Paul Krugman discusses the phenomenon here.

But what’s really happening here? Did professors move left, or did the meaning of conservatism in America change in a way that drove scholars away? You can guess what I think. But here’s some evidence. First, using the DW-nominate measure — which uses roll-call votes over time to identify a left-right spectrum, and doesn’t impose any constraint of symmetry between the parties — what we’ve seen over the past generation is a sharp rightward (up in the figure) move by Republicans, with no comparable move by Democrats, especially in the North:

Craziness has infected an increasing percentage of the Republican Party, as evidenced by the primary support for Trump and Cruz, individuals who would have inhabited the Birch-Society fringe of the GOP in the 50s and 60s. Now the two and their fellow presidential candidates are “mainstream.”
The fortunate young who attend colleges and universities are being taught by professors who are far more likely to be Democrats than Republicans. However, I doubt that students predisposed to conservative views upon entrance change their minds by graduation.
As for why the nation as a whole appears to have fallen off the Reason Cliff, I can only guess that it’s not been by accident.  A dumb and crazy America seems good for plutocracy.