Maybe not the stupid economy

Whites, especially low-educated male whites, support Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Both candidates foster xenophobia and now overt racism, giving license to those who have always hated people who do not look like themselves.

Writing for the New York Times, Eduardo Porter discusses racial identity. Increasingly, angry white males fear the end of “their” country, and the demographics support that view, as the percentage of the population that is white has fallen from 83 percent a half-century ago to 62 percent today. Within a few decades, whites will become the minority. Porter:

Their fear is understandable. In general, Hispanics and black Americans often care about different things than white voters do. But the reaction of whites who are struggling economically raises the specter of an outright political war along racial and ethnic lines over the distribution of resources and opportunities.

Whites, even those near the bottom of the economic ladder, oppose government support of the less fortunate, disproportionately people of color. Porter concludes ominously:

Racial identity and its attendant hostilities appear to be jumping from their longstanding place in the background of American politics to the very center of the stage.

Oh, but of course, we are a Christian nation.