Just as I was thinking…

Ginanddtacos.com offers up an hypothesis about Donald Trump, one that I’ve been mulling about for a while. The gist: Trump, America’s most famous narcissist, threw his hat into the ring on the belief that he could reap headlines and further good fortune at little personal expense. He jumpstarted his campaign with especially inflammatory remarks about Mexican rapists, knowing full well that the media could not help themselves. And he was absolutely right. But I always thought that Trump could not afford to lose. Bad for his brand. Yet, no matter how outrageous he is, Republican voters clamor for more. On my theory, such as it is, Trump has already succeeded in his mission, being front and center in every media outlet. He has got to know, in his heart of hearts, that he has neither the stomach nor the capacity to actually run a country. Heck, he’s never held political office at any level. Escalating his already bombastic rhetoric has failed to turn off supporters. Indeed, they embrace him even more. Now what? Ginandtacos:

Conspiracy theory time. Is it possible that Donald Trump is actively trying to get himself out of the GOP nomination process at this point? His ego is so massive that I can’t imagine how he will spin losing, if and when he does lose. The ideal scenario for him, it seems, is to get out before much if any actual voting takes place so he can claim essentially, “They didn’t fire me; I quit.” He seems like the willingness of his supporters to take anything he says in stride no matter how insane surprises even him. There isn’t much room left in the neo-Bircher issue spectrum that he hasn’t covered. Other than embracing explicit antisemitism or shouting “niggerrrrrrrr!” during a live TV appearance I don’t know what else he can do to try to offend people and actually succeed at this point. This theory is probably bunk but I see him as a petulant child with a short attention span who probably got into this race solely to draw attention to himself and now faces the challenge of finding a graceful exit given that he is losing interest and previously thought it impossible that he would do as well as he is polling given how asinine his entire persona and campaign are.

Of course, we both may be wrong about our theory. Trump may be conning Americans with his biggest deal yet. Suckers.