Trump is us (?) [u]

Heaven forbid, of course. What was once deemed laughable has suddenly emerged as a distinct possibility: The Donald wins the Republican nomination. He cannot achieve this without enough support from America’s lunatic fringe, which seems to grow larger with each Trump tweet. A journalist braved the anti-media throng gathered to witness their man Donald in Las Vegas, an appropriate venue for the bombastic reality-TV star. He writes:

I spot a man wearing an American revolution uniform, an off-duty Elvis impersonator, and Robert S Ensler, a working Donald Trump impersonator. Ensler was once a Dean Martin impersonator, but got too old for it and eventually hopped on to the Trump gravy train. I ask him if he has ever met Trump. “Four years ago, I saw him at a women’s Republican event. This is when he first was thinking about running for president. And he was very unpolitically correct, swore, gutter mouth. It was great. I loved it. Everyone went nuts for it. He saw me. He said: ‘I know you. You’re a good-looking guy.’”

Perhaps this is what we deserve.


UPDATE (Feb. 24, 2016):

Sean Illing, writing for Salon:

All of that is true, but still we’re left with a demand-side problem: The people are getting what they want, and what they want is to have their idiocies and their discontent beamed back at them. Trump is clearly more than a media construction. He’s everything dumb and regressive about our political culture distilled into a single candidate. And he exists only because a sufficient number of Americans want him to – that’s the problem.