What’s at stake

Roger Cohen opines on the implications of Donald Trump, and they’re not pretty.

Trump is telling people something is rotten in the state of America. The message resonates because the rot is there.

Is the American democracy on the verge of collapse? Cohen:

This disoriented America just might want Trump — and that possibility should be taken very seriously, before it is too late, by every believer in American government of the people, by the people, for the people. The power of the Oval Office and the temperament of a bully make for an explosive combination, especially when he has shown contempt for the press, a taste for violence, a consistent inhumanity, a devouring ego and an above-the-law swagger.

As Europe knows, democracies do die. Often, they are the midwives of their own demise. Once lost, the cost of recovery is high.

In his column today, Paul Krugman argues that the very fate of the planet is at stake in November’s election. He’s writing about climate change and his belief that we’re close to a solution, though many scientists say that it’s already too late. Krugman:

And this is by far the most important issue there is; it, er, trumps even such things as health care, financial reform, and inequality.

So I’m going to be hanging on by my fingernails all through this election. No doubt there will be plenty of entertainment along the way, given the freak show taking place on one side of the aisle. But I won’t forget that the stakes this time around are deadly serious. And neither should you.

Will enough people show up at the polls to make a difference? We could just be too busy with other matters, all trivial, of course.