Fossil-fuel candidates

It’s no surprise that Republican presidential candidates have received the bulk of fossil-fuel industry political contributions. To a man, they reject the science and fact of climate change. Here’s a chart from The Guardian:

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.19.22 AM

The economics of fossil fuels have gradually eroded in favor of alternative resources, including conservation. Solar costs have plummeted along with energy storage. Those who hold coal, oil, and gas assets make money by extracting them from the ground and combusting the carbons. If the price of fossil fuels falls relative to alternatives, the dirty industries’ bottom lines suffer. The Koch brothers and their circle of dirty friends wish to prolong the world’s reliance on carbon-based fuels. So they give generously to climate-change deniers as they also try to undermine the science of climate change and fossil-fuel alternatives, especially solar.

Back to the chart above and Ted Cruz. The Guardian reports:

In a new paper, Carl Mears and Frank Wentz at Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) have revised their data set estimating the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. At his recent congressional hearing, Ted Cruz presented the RSS data to incorrectly claim that there’s been no global warming in over 18 years.

Nevertheless, as we’ve come to realize, facts don’t matter with Republicans. Besides, they need the dirty money.