Like flypaper

John Nichols, writing for The Nation:

The mainstream media’s obsessive coverage of Donald Trump is warping not just a Republican presidential race that is spiraling out of control, but a Democratic contest that is of equal consequence. And that’s not the worst of it. Major media outlets are now so obsessed with Trump’s candidacy—and so addicted to the clicks and ratings associated with the spectacle it has created—that they can barely be bothered to cover the other candidates, and thus are neglecting the deeper issues and concerns shaping this electoral season.

The ubiquity of Trump on the front pages of the major newspapers—including the New York Times, The Guardian, and the Washington Post—invites ignorance. That is, I’d like to ignore him. But how?

One thing most of us can agree on, however. He cannot set foot in the White House. He has to be stopped. Period. Whether or not that happens depends on numbers. Are there enough crazy Americans to propel him to the presidency? Indeed, while there are certainly many reasons one can be crazy, voting for Tump is a slam dunk.