It’s been a while since I last posted. The hiatus has much to do with the state of politics these days. You know, the guy whose name should never be uttered but who nevertheless occupies center stage in the media, mainstream and otherwise. He’s the inevitable product of corporate “news,” obsessed with revenues and profits. What a godsend for the bottom line. America, not so much.

Once a laughingstock, the marmalade candidate rode the prostitutes of the press to November’s election, with the nation all a-twitter. No language was too coarse. No statement too outlandish. No brain too unmoored.

The tragedy is not that we should have a Mr. Orange. This is, after all, the home of the free, where anyone can say anything, civility and reason be damned. The tragedy is that so many people, drenched in abject cynicism and ignorance, believe he’s their man, the one who will “make America great—again.”

No. He’s made America hate again. There is a difference.