Not to be outdone

Yes, I excoriate Republicans, for many serious reasons. But I hasten to add that the modern Democratic Party is evil in its own ways, beginning in earnest with the presidency of Mr. Clinton. It really is corrupt, taking quid-pro-quo to an art form, an integral part of the new Democrat. Wall Street won. Everyone else can go suck on a lemon.

Bill Moyers picks up on Thomas Frank’s latest book, Listen, Liberal. Writing for the Huffington Post, Moyers says:

The lust for loot, which now defines the Democratic establishment, became pronounced in the Bill Clinton years, when the Clinton-friendly Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) abandoned its liberal roots and embraced “market-based solutions” that led to deregulation, tax breaks, and subsidies for the 1 percent. Seeking to fill coffers emptied by the loss of support from a declining labor movement, Democrats rushed into the arms of big business and crony capitalists.

No wonder Bernie Sanders is staying alive.