Predictable commentaries from the center-left, such as one finds on Digby’s website, emphasize Donald Trump’s craziness, his whacko, off-the-charts rants that lend credence to the opinion that the man is unfit to be “leader of the free world.” He is your mad uncle that you’d prefer remain indoors, disengaged from real people for fear of embarrassing the entire family. Even Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could not hold her tongue, denouncing Mr. Marmalade, comments she now regrets having made. Most of us, I would hope, shudder at the prospect of Trump’s actually taking the oath of office next January.

Yet, and this is “huge,” as outrageous and awful a man that he is, Mr. Trump has pulled even with Ms. Clinton is recent political polls. It seems that half the electorate prefers a blowhard to a woman who, despite her superior credentials for office, turns their stomaches.

I am hardly qualified to explain this phenomenon, this evident parity between two starkly different candidates. But one thing is clear: people decide elections, and far too many like what they hear from the Crazy One. And that’s a problem, as Edgar Martinez would say.

Those who routinely dismiss or mock or skewer Mr. Trump must have that aching feeling that he just might prevail in November. That should bother the sane among us, not just because Trump is so ill-equipped to govern, but more to the point: America is home to a vast swath of disaffected loonies.

Speaking of Digby, I re-quote this from her website:

A questioner at Paul Ryan’s CNN infomercial last night: I cannot and will not support Donald Trump, and it concerns me when the Republican leadership is supporting somebody who is openly racist and has said Islamophobic statements, wants to shut down our borders. Can you tell me, how can you morally justify your support for this kind of candidate, somebody who could be very destructive for our nation.

Paul Ryan: Well first of all that basically means that you’re going to help elect Hillary Clinton. And I don’t think Hillary Clinton is going to support any of the things that you stand for if you are a Republican.

And what do Republicans stand for? In case you haven’t noticed, they stand for Trump.

The decent among us, who may be a minority these days, have one big challenge: render Republicans an “endangered species.”