Just a bit outside

July 2016 exceeded previous maximum temperatures by a considerable margin. Indeed, each of this year’s monthly temperatures jumped beyond historical records. Here is the latest graph from NASA:

july2016 temperatures

I included the category “politics” for this post, since talk of global warming is all about politics these days, and damn the science and the scientists. We have virtually an entire political party (guess which one) dedicated to the proposition that climate change is a “hoax” or “fraud,” conjured by the Chinese or “liberals.” To what end? Beats me.

But reality stares us in the face and our thermometers. It’s getting warmer by the month. We just broke records in Seattle, with daily highs reaching 94. Oh, and check out the temperatures in the Middle East. Can you say 125°? And what about the fires, droughts, and floods? Or Northwest glaciers?

Republicans, as I’ve said, are dangerous to our health. They also like to fiddle standing by fires.