Hypocrisy, again

Predictably, the loons erupted with scurrilous attacks against the 49ers’s Colin Kaepernick, he the recently benched quarterback who decided to sit rather than stand for the pre-game National Anthem. He could not participate because he believes that black lives matter, even if white bigots reject the notion.

I especially like Ginandtacos.com’s take.

Nowhere is the underlying message of “Make America ‘Great’ Again” more apparent than when a prominent public figure who is not white complains about America and white people absolutely lose their shit at the thought of an ingrate (insert racial slur) defaming their beloved country…the same country about which they complain bitterly and incessantly. If you have any doubt that Trump’s inane slogan is a racist dogwhistle wherein “Great” and “White” are interchangeable, then explain how the same people who believe in the right to hoard guns so they can violently oppose the government so completely fly off the handle when a black man says he has a difficult time respecting a country that treats people like him with so much obvious disrespect.