Morphing from small to huge

The planet is warming. A simple enough fact to verify for those who have thermometers, evidently absent from Republican households. The Guardian cites Gavin Schmidt’s conclusions. He’s a climate scientist working for NASA.

“It’s the long-term trend we have to worry about though and there’s no evidence it’s going away and lots of reasons to think it’s here to stay,” Schmidt said. “There’s no pause or hiatus in temperature increase. People who think this is over are viewing the world through rose-tinted spectacles. This is a chronic problem for society for the next 100 years.”

Here’s the rather large challenge we collectively face: we could act now to curtail greenhouse gas emissions or we could keep kicking the can down the road indefinitely. If we choose the latter, then it will surely be too late to limit global temperature increases to two degrees Centigrade and stop sea levels rising above three feet.

In effect, Mother Earth is saying that we can pay her a little bit today or a huge amount tomorrow. But that tomorrow will be unlike anything humans have experienced for hundreds of thousands of years.

nasa temperatures 8:2016jpg