Go high, Ms. Clinton

Michelle Obama told the Democratic National Convention that we “go high,” when they “go low.” Trump is as low as it gets, in terms of discourse and behavior, giving license to Americans’ crudest instincts. As correct as she was in a recent speech about Trump’s “basket” of “deplorable” followers, the racists, misogynists, and xenophobes, Clinton made the mistake of joining Mr. Marmalade at the bottom. That’s where Trump wants her, because he knows that no one can go lower than he.

There are countless other individuals and groups ready, able, and willing to take on Trump. Trump himself baldly and boldly proclaims himself Idiot Number One. Let him be that man, exposed, aided, and abetted by both his followers and detractors. But that’s not the role Clinton or her husband should play.

There’s plenty of dirty work ahead. Just stay far above it, Ms. Clinton, offering instead your positive vision for a better country. After all, the nation has a long, long way to go before it perfects its union.