Bankers’ conventions

Here in Everett, Wash., the finishing touches are being put on a brand new hotel, a Marriott, located along the main corridor. My wife and I during our daily strolls have followed the construction, from initial ground-breaking to the anticipated opening next month, about 90 days or so behind schedule. We wonder who the hell will be visiting this old mill town, with all the empty storefronts? We suspect that out-of-town lawyers with trials at the nearby courthouse will find the accommodations convenient, if not also comfortable. But who else?

Ah, one thing Everett has aplenty: banks. They sprout like weeds on a hot summer day. Banks, as a rule, employ very few people, and now that most of us conduct our finances on line or via ATMs, there is scant need for the Rest of Us to enter their lobbies.

It occurs to me that Everett and its brand new hotel may now host an endless string of bankers’ conventions, which will bring in corporate officials from near and far, representing Chase, Bank of America, Key Bank, Homestreet, and Banner, just to name a few of the many banks now populating downtown Everett.

Jane Jacobs would be amused.