Stuck in Memphis

So I upgraded my iPhone 6S to the iPhone 7. I did this through AT&T, under its annual upgrade program. The phone was shipped from Ft. Worth, TX, on 9/14 and arrived at the Memphis Fed Ex hub on Thursday, 9/15. The phone was scanned in at 11:45 a.m., local time. It was scheduled for delivery to my place the next day, Friday, the 16th by 8 p.m., my time. Here’s what I saw when I clicked on the tracking information:


As you will surmise, the iPhone seemingly never moved after 11:45 a.m. in Memphis. Also, the delivery date was scratched. The new language: “No scheduled delivery date available at this time.”

I called Fed Ex on Monday, the 19th to find out what happened to my phone. Would you believe this? I was told that the package had been “lost.” The representative told me that an investigation would commence.

I then called AT&T. Things got really interesting and a bit nightmarish. After making my way through layers of AT&T representatives, I finally spoke with someone named “Jordan.” I explained all of the above. He asked me to start a three-way conference call with Fed Ex, AT&T, and me—which I did.

Fed Ex confirmed that the iPhone was lost. Now what? The Fed Ex representative told the AT&T guy that he, as the shipper, should file a claim with Fed Ex and that Fed Ex would pay for the loss, at which time AT&T could send me another phone. Well, the AT&T rep said nothing doing. I quote: “We don’t file claims.” Period.

I said, “I just want my phone!” The Fed Ex person said that if I were to file a claim the claim would be “denied” by Fed Ex, unless AT&T issued me a “waiver.” The AT&T guy said, “What’s a waiver?” At this point, I’d been on the phone for about an hour, stuck in the middle of the battle between Fed Ex and AT&T.

Finally, it was decided that the Fed Ex rep could hang up and that AT&T would continue to deal directly with me. I was told then by the AT&T guy that the matter would be turned over to their “DMDR” department, whatever the hell that is. But then the guy (I’m still dealing with Jordan) said that DMDR was not the right department and that I would have to deal with AT&T’s “Ecom” department, presumably standing for “Electronic Commerce,” but who knows?

Oh, and get this. Jordan told me that a “supervisor” from Ecom would be contacting me within 24 and 72 hours! Well, I have received no call, nor a phone, certainly, as I write this, 5:20 p.m., my time.



UPDATE (Sep. 24, 2016):

By the way, if I ship something of value I pay for package insurance with the carrier. AT&T must do the same. So, despite Fed Ex’s losing the iPhone, AT&T’s insurance would cover the loss, which is why Fed Ex told AT&T to file the claim.